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Mozilla Add-on: MailRoute

Logo MailRoute

MailRoute scans the headers of the selected mail, and extracts the domain names of the "Received" headers. For each domain, the (small) matching country flag is displayed.

Additional to that, the country flag of the sender's mail address is displayed in large at the right side.

Since version 0.3 no additional add-on (e.g. Mnenhy) is needed.

Creator: Christian Weiske (http://www.cweiske.de)

Maintainer: Jürgen Ernst (http://www.juergen-ernst.de)

Version 0.3.1 für
Mozilla Thunderbird2.0 - 3.0.* Mozilla Seamonkey2.0 - 2.0.* herunterladen

Older versions:

Besondere Anforderungen / requirements

Since version 0.3 of MailRoute there are no additional requirements.

For versions before 0.3 read this:

I suggest to install Mnenhy or Enigmail to get MailRoute working otherwise no route can be displayed.

Conflicts with other addons:
There were reports that the following addons are clumsy and will cause problems:
View Headers Toggle Button 2.0.1 (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/210)

Weitere Hinweise / further notes

It is translated in the following languages:
de-DE, en-US, es-AR, fr-FR, it-IT, ja-JP, ko-KR, pl-PL, pt-BR, pt-PT, sk-SK, tr-TR, uk-UA.

Dokumentation / documentation


This extension allows the user to control the behavior. Edit the "prefs.js" file in your profile folder and add one or more of the following values:


If set to true, the route flags are hidden. Because the route is most fun to see, I don't recommend that you deactivate it :-) Default is false.


Hides the large From: country flag at the right side of the expanded header view. Default is false.


Set the width and height of the route flags in pixels, default is 24. (Only one number as the flag pictures are square)


Set the directory if your own country and domain icons. Examples would be file://localhost/data/grafik/ on Linux or file:///C:/icons/ on Windows. If this directory is set, each time the route is displayed, the directory is searched for .png files matching the domain name. For example, if the flag of the domain mail.server.example.com is requested, the following filenames are tried: mail.server.example.com.png, then server.example.com.png, after that example.com.png and at last com.png. If even that doesn't exist, the original icon shipped with mail route is used. Don't worry about performance, the results of the search is cached - if the file doesn't exist, it isn't requested a second time to save CPU cycles.


This is set to true by default, enabling caching of the file existance checks for the own icons. You want to disable it if you want to add own icons to the icons directory while having Thunderbird open for browsing the routes.

Liste der Änderungen / changelog

0.3.1 2009-12-13

- bug removed: mail address extracted correctly from header From
- russian translation added, thanks to le_
- utf-8 coding for fr-FR fixed

0.3 2009-12-12
- now compatible with Thunderbird 2 and 3, support for 1.5 removed

0.2.2 2007-04-19
- compatible with Thunderbird 2.0.0.*
- Enigmail is not enough anymore, you need Mnenhy now

0.2.1 2006-06-16
- slovak translation, thanks to Branislav Rozbora
- hindi translation, thanks Anant Narayanan
- compatible with Thunderbird 1.5.0.*

0.2 2006-01-08
- Own about dialog
- Preferences dialog
- Thunderbird 1.5
- SeaMonkey/Mozilla Suite compatible install.js

0.1 2005-09-18
- First public version

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