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Mozilla Add-on: DispMUA

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(Display Mail User Agent)

Sorry folks, I stopped the developement due to lack of free time.
But there is a fork that you could use instead.


Current state of work is:
10298 listed headers, 6365 matched headers (15 FULL, 2218 PRE, 3845 A-Z, 287 POST), 6365 headers with icon (61.8% done), 6272 headers with URL (60.9% done)

Creator: Christian Weiske (http://www.cweiske.de)

Maintainer: Jürgen Ernst (info@juergen-ernst.de)

Version 1.8.2 für
Mozilla Thunderbird2.0 - 62.* Mozilla Seamonkey2.0 - 2.4.* herunterladen

Older versions:

Besondere Anforderungen / requirements

Since version 1.6.0 of dispMUA there are no additional requirements.

Weitere Hinweise / further notes


If you want to help, I ask you to report every unsupported user agent to the maintainer.

Please send the line ("User-Agent", "X-Mailer" or "X-Newsreader") in your mail header together with an icon image and a link to the website of that user agent.

The icon should be a transparent .png image (if possible or advantageous) in 48x48 pixels with not more than 5kiB size (< 2kiB is better). It helps to reduce the number of colors, many icons just need 16 or 32 colors. If icons are grayscale, you can preserve the alpha transparency as they will be lot smaller than normal colored ones.

If you don't have the mail header and want to mail some icons of unsupported user agents, please check out my list of known/supported user agents (~150 KB). Look for a line where ICON column is not marked with an "X". There is also a URL column. Please report the website URL of that user agent if not marked with an "X".

Dokumentation / documentation


Apart from displaying an icon for the user agent, you can hover the icon to see the exact user agent line. If you click on the icon, you will see the icon in a message box.

If there is a mail written by an user agent for which DispMUA has no icon, a symbol with a question mark is shown. Click on it, and a dialog window will open. If you choose "send feedback" a new mail window is opened, containing my address in the From field and the exact user agent line in the mail body. Send it to me, so that I get notified about it. Additionally if you want to help me, you can search for the website of this agent and make an icon for it.

Liste der Änderungen / changelog

Development has been stopped

Sollten Sie eine Idee für ein neues Add-on haben, dann können Sie uns natürlich auch unverbindlich schreiben. Eventuell können wir diese Idee zusammen mit Ihnen realisieren.