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Hard- & Software-EntwicklungMozilla Add-on: Country Lookup


Mozilla Add-on: Country Lookup

Logo Country Lookup

Looks up the origin country and city of an e-mail message, using the IP address.

If you click on the flag, a dialog shows up with a map, a link to correct the city database, and contact information.

Creator: Frederik Vanderstraeten (http://countrylookup.fvds.frih.net/)

Maintainer: Jürgen Ernst (info@juergen-ernst.de)

Version 1.3 für
Mozilla Thunderbird1.5 - 3.0a1 herunterladen

Besondere Anforderungen / requirements

-- NOT CURRENTLY WORKING with the latest Enigmail release. The last working release is 0.94.3. If you really want Country Lookup, please downgrade to this release, or use Mnenhy. I'm working on this issue to get rid of Mnenhy or Enigmail like I've done it before for dispMUA.

Requires Mnenhy or Enigmail.

If your computer is slow after installing this extension, try disabling the local country database in the extension settings (accessible via the Extensions dialog).

If you like this extension, please send a mail so I feel appreciated.

Please send an e-mail to propose the necessary changes to make it work in other software.

If you want to contribute, see the project pages at http://countrylookup.mozdev.org/.

Sollten Sie eine Idee für ein neues Add-on haben, dann können Sie uns natürlich auch unverbindlich schreiben. Eventuell können wir diese Idee zusammen mit Ihnen realisieren.